steel horse 0019 Kim Kuperschmid has been performing and singing for as long as she can remember, from elementary school and High School Chorus, District Chorus and NYSMA for 6 years learning sight reading and vocal training in the Classical and Ethnic styles of music while simultaneously getting involved singing and performing with some local Rock bands on Long Island and the tri- State area from the early age of 13. She also has played Piano as a youngster, Cello in Orchestra for 4 years and then Guitar from the age of 12, as well as some Bass Guitar. As much fun as learning how to play all of these instruments was, her voice has always been her main instrument and focus. This is evident when you hear her sing!

As of the more recent years, Kim Kuperschmid has been involved with singing and playing with various cover bands and original projects such as; The Schwarzeneggers, The Matrix, Two Live Duo, The Midnight Angel Band (Pat Benetar Tribute), Steel Horse, and now Petey Mix, The Acoustimatics and LETS ZEP. (Led Zeppelin Tribute)

She has shared the stage with many talented musicians such as; ZEBRA, Kip Winger, Randy Jackson, Felix Hanneman, Dee Schneider, Twisted Sister and Billy Joel.

Studio Recording credits include singing background vocals for The Fat Boys, Run DMC, and Scatterbrain (Atlantic Records) to name a few…and a variety of others.

LETS ZEP is the perfect culmination for an Authentic Tribute for Kim Kuperschmid,
as she gets back to her roots, where her true passion for rock music began.
At the age of 13, when Led Zeppelin’s, “In Through the Out Door” album was released,
she was totally blown away and enthralled by the innovation, creativity, passion and musicianship of Led Zeppelin and quickly discovered all the rest of their albums as well.
She was planning to attend Led Zeppelin’s concert at Madison Square Garden in 1981, and that was cut short by John Bonham’s demise. She, however continued to immerse herself into the music and world of these musical anomalies as she felt a strong connection with their music. It wasn’t until “The Honeydrippers” that she was able to see Robert Plant perform, but it wasn’t exactly Led Zeppelin. Nothing would ever be Led Zeppelin without John Bonham. During the 1995 Plant & Page Tour at Madison Square Garden, when a friend surprised Kim with some pretty decent tickets, it was a dream to hear the music of Led Zeppelin performed by the original Robert Plant and Jimmy Page floating through the air and reverberating through the Walls of Penn Station and into Madison Square Garden. She was also lucky enough to see Plant and Page perform acoustically at Jones Beach a few years later. Just a few years ago, Kim saw Jason Bonham (John Bonham’s son) perform at Jones Beach with The Led Zeppelin Experience and Heart, who had previously honored Led Zeppelin and the original surviving members; Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, by performing a breathtaking version of “Stairway to Heaven” for them at the Kennedy Center Awards along with Jason Bonham on drums. Nothing could ever be Led Zeppelin, but I think a tour with Jason Bonham on drums would be the best tribute to the late John Bonham.

So as you can see, Led Zeppelin has always been a passion and something to relate to for Kim Kuperschmid, as it was an integral part of growing up and learning about life.
She sings the songs of Led Zeppelin songs from the depth of her soul with the authenticity and feel for which they truly deserve!