Lets Zep 0048Peter

Peter started playing guitar at the age of 9. By the time he was 14 he was listening and learning the styles of his idols.  Hendrix, Blackmore, Beck, Page to name a few. When Peter was growing up, it wasn’t video games.   It was 5 hours a day playing guitar.  Peter followed his musical passion and went to 5 Towns College for music. He became a producer / engineer and opened his own world class recording studio.  He worked with many great artists over the years.  Peter was in many bands.  He has written music for national commercials, TV shows and movies. Music is his passion.  Anyone that knows him will tell you. Peter loves guitars and gear.  He has built several of his own.  Peter brings amazing technique, skills and a warm fat sound to Lets Zep.  He plays the parts you know and love, and add’s a little bit of himself to the places that warrant it. He also brings musical direction and leadership thanks to his years of experience in the industry.