Metric Halo Channelstrip Plugin

Metric Halo Channelstrip Plugin

Metric Halo

Ok, so my first blog post / review on this page is about a ChannelStrip plugin that I really think will blow you away!
So when we mix and or master, we are always looking for that perfect plugin to get the sound the way we hear it in our heads.
The way I found Metric Halo’s amazing channelstrip plugin is, I was having trouble with a mix.  The drummer used 17″ hihats and one of those hihat tambourines on top.  So the HH track was very loud and was bleeding through the kick and snare tracks.  I tried to eq it out with other eq plugins I had, but was unsuccessful.  I was thinking about triggering, but wanted to keep the true dynamics of the drums intact.  I did a lot of searching and came across Metric Halo Channel strip.  This plugin is a monster!  It is worth way more than the price I paid.  By the way I think it was $75 on sale at their website. This thing is a swiss army knife and includes a 6 band parametric eq, Expander / gate, compressor / limiter, metering and their Spectrafoo spectrum analyzer that lets you see the audio.  So lets start with EQ. It is very musical and powerful with a warm and airy sound. It features 6 bands so you can notch filter problem frequencies if need be. You can choose the type of curve, boost or attenuate gain, select frequency and adjust the width. I found it to be one of the best EQ plugins I have ever used.
The compressor is also excellent.  I found I did have to play with attack and ratio to get a more subtle effect.  By the way it has a built in sidechain so you can compress by frequency.   Which leads me to the Gate.  Excellent Gate!  Reminds me of my old Drawmer hardware gates. Has threshhold, attack, release.  Once again you can trigger the gate by frequency using the build in sidechain.

I will usually put this plugin on every channel of my mix as a starting point.  Great plugin!

Key Features

  • Worldclass Signal Processing and Workflow
  • Used by Grammy-Award winning Engineers on many hits
  • Expander, Compressor, EQ, & Limiter in one processor
  • Fully parametric interpolated EQ
  • Integrated side-chain EQ for dynamics
  • Individually switchable side-chains for dynamics blocks
  • Individual side-chain listen for dynamics blocks
  • EQ/Compressor routing control
  • SpectraFoo™ spectrum analysis built-in
  • Scalable gain reduction meters
  • More than 100 presets included
  • Adjustable UI size / Disclosable Graphs
  • MH Preset Manager – Provides cross-platform presets

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